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A unique operational platform for selling merchant services.

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Automating your business processes to increase revenue, reduce costs and keep you fully compliant

Changing the way you do business

Running a payments business is complex and challenging. Margin squeeze, regulation, new entrants and vertical integration are all increasing the pressure on businesses like yours.

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Making a Real Difference

Our ISO Automation proposition is designed to ease the pressure on your business. The approach is simple, building it wasn't easy - and we think it's unique.  Imagine a world where you can go from cold call to live customer, with a complete omni-channel solution, in less than 24 hours - including higher margins and delighted customers. We have made this a reality and proven it delivers compelling business results. Using our unique approach, we have helped ISOs, acquirers and introducers transform their businesses beyond recognition.

We Built Datam Automation for You

Datam is built on many years experience of automating and improving business performance in the payments sector. We know how to simplify, integrate and automate your process for selling:


  • Merchant services
  • Chip & PIN Terminals
  • Payment Gateway
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Alternative Payment Methods


Our commitment to continuous improvement and agile development capabilities means we are constantly refining and enhancing the platform, with the aim of improving the business outcome we have delivered for companies like yours:


  • Sales conversion ratios increased by 35%
  • Cost per application reduced by 25%, and;
  • 100% compliance with acquirer and regulatory requirements built in.

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Lead Capture

Lead capture and allocation is the start point, whether from an inbound enquiry or internally generated.  We ensure you capture and re-use the data from sales leads as the merchant progresses through your sales process. This eliminates the inefficiency and lost sales associated with double data entry.


Automated Application Processing

A streamlined process to complete the merchant application form and collect the information required for underwriting.  E-signature mechanisms deliver frictionless sales processes and instant applications to increase conversion ratios – and ensure you are 100% compliant with acquiring and regulatory requirements.



Integrated Terminal Finance

Direct integration to your preferred terminal finance provider means you can use the best approach for your business. With the right partner, our automated processes help maximise your margins and conversion ratios, and pay you quicker.



Opportunity Management

We configure a series of automated triggered actions to make sure the merchant gets the best possible experience. This reduces internal costs whilst maximising your sales conversion ratios and employee engagement.



Acquirer Integrations

The system automatically takes the hassle away by tailoring the application to the acquirer's process.  Integrated field checking means data is correct and validated before submission, reducing application error responses by 80%.


Global Payment Gateway

We can interact with your preferred payment gateway or introduce you to our excellent partners.  We can monitor all merchant activity and give an independent view of all transactions and card types to cross reference to commission reports.  Merchants can be swapped to a new acquirer in less than 10 seconds.

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Quote Production

Choose between (or combine) system generated and manually entered prices to produce personalised quotes, instantly delivered by email. This maximises sales success by gaining commitment whilst your prospect is in buying mode.



Terminal Management & Logistics

Our direct integration into logistics providers means terminals can be despatched same day. Automatic shipment notifications and live transaction reporting are all readily available for you and the merchant to access through self-service portals at no extra cost, maximising your customer engagement.


Business Information Portal

We provide a range of reports focused on the needs of stakeholders.  Sales people can access live application status and, if appropriate, merchant activity.  Managers receive configurable reports providing excellent KPI tracking to help improve business performance.

Experience, enthusiasm and commitment

Years of working in the payments sector have made us determined to help businesses like yours change the way you operate - to your benefit.

Our Values

Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Agility. They add up to a powerful combination.  This is our secret sauce, but we will share it with you—just click the link, give us your details and we’ll explain.

The Team

Bill Mooney

Founder & CEO

6 years working in the payments sector has created an obsession with ending the industry wide inefficiency in sales and on-boarding processes.  Our processes are built on his successes over a number of business improvement projects in the payments sector and principles learned during 15 years in marketing automation.


Miles Carroll


Co-conspirator in the mission to end inefficiency, with a stellar background in customer onboarding, payments and ID verification. These are his tools to dismantle the acceptance of inefficiency at the top of our industry.


Howard Parsons

Product Delivery Manager

The intuitive cog in our software development lifecycle.  Embracing our obsession to reject inefficiency, his agility and experience in business process automation brilliantly complements our vision to change the way the payments sector does business.


Vicki Sharman

Executive Assistant - The Boss. Keeps us all organised and on time using her excellent organisational skills and relentless pursuit of getting things done to schedule. We would be lost without her.


Datam Group Limited

1 The Mews, Trent Business Park

Lichfield, WS13 6RN, UK


Tel:  01543 439413



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